ACE - The triple degree in business:
Rome, Beijing, Washington, D.C.

The ACE (America, China, Europe) program is a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in business jointly offered by Luiss in Rome, Renmin University of China in Beijing, and George Washington in Washington D.C.

This triple degree is tailored to students who aspire to become future leaders in the key business areas of North America, Europe and East Asia. The program helps students to develop a robust understanding of the key drivers of management in global business environments. It equips them with critical and analytical skills as well as diverse abilities, such as teamwork and effective communication that are deployable across multiple cultural and business contexts.

Students will spend their first year at their home university to acquire basic knowledge in management and economics and will then proceed with the program all together in Rome (second year), Beijing (third year) and finally Washington D.C. (fourth year). Students will have the opportunity to deep dive into the social and business cultures of three different continents by experiencing the lifestyles of these historical capitals as well as the networking of these global cities.

The program provides students with a comprehensive and fully international perspective. Beside business courses, students will study topics as diverse as quantitative methods, Chinese language and humanities. Courses will be taught through interactive lectures, team-based projects, presentations, simulations, and using integrative case studies. Evaluations will be performed through real case simulations, quizzes, presentations, projects and presentations.

At the end of this education journey, students will hold three different degrees in three different countries —all for the price of regular tuition at their home institution — and will be thoroughly prepared for a leading role in international companies and institutions or a top postgraduate degree.

Project Partners

Renmin University of China - Beijing

Renmin University of China is a comprehensive research-oriented university focusing on humanities and social sciences. It also offers a range of courses in the natural sciences, information technology and environmental sciences. RUC is an important base for training high-caliber professionals in the social sciences and humanities and houses a number of influential research centers and think tanks. The logo stands for “people’s university,” “the spirit of humanism” and “a focus on the humanities and social sciences.” RUC’s vision is to become a world-class university that equips future leaders, produces cutting-edge research and promotes global academic exchange.

George Washington University - Washington D.C.

George Washington University is a private, federally chartered, research university and the largest institution of higher education in Washington D.C. The mission of George Washington University is to educate individuals in liberal arts, languages, sciences, learned professions, and other courses and subjects of study, and to conduct scholarly research and publish the findings of such research. It fulfills this mission through a vast network of world-class academic opportunities, access, partnerships and policy-research initiatives, putting its knowledge to work for immediate impact.

Luiss University - Rome

Luiss is a top, international, private university specialized in the field of Social Sciences that provides an innovative and global educational approach and trains its students from all backgrounds to be critical thinkers and skilled professionals who will work for the betterment of society. What distinguishes Luiss is its privileged relationship with the business world. Thanks to its ties with Confindustria, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, over 200 companies, multinationals, and public and private institutions collaborate with the University, offering its degree candidates and new graduates their first real opportunity to step foot in the business world. Luiss also has a strong international profile and is partnered with over 310 academies and institutions in 64 countries.

Program Structure

  • Year 1: Business Fundamentals at Luiss University (Rome)
  • Year 2: Doing Business in Europe at Luiss University (Rome)
  • Year 3: Doing Business in China at Renmin University (Beijing)
  • Year 4: Doing Business in the U.S. at George Washington University (Washington, D.C.)

You can find more details in the study plan.


Please note that the following information refers only to students taking part in the edition of the program beginning in the a.y. 2022/2023 and graduating in 2025/2026. Information for subsequent cohorts will be updated in due time.

The call for applications for the intake 2022/2023 in now online! Download it here

Who can apply

Students enrolled in the first year of the Luiss Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration can apply for this program. Students with Chinese nationality are required to apply through Renmin University.

Available slots

15 students can take part in the program

How to apply

The application will involve two steps:

Students who fail to complete the registration to Renmin by 23 September deadline will not be able to proceed with the Selection Procedure. This registration requires students to upload their valid passport. Students who do not hold a valid passport are required to apply for it to make sure it is available by 23 September.


In order to take part in the selection process, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Having a GPA equal or above 27/30 by the end of the Winter exam session 2022/2023
  • Having registered at least three exams for 20 ECTS credits by the end of the Winter exam session 2022/2023
  • Holding a valid English language certificate among the following:
    • TOEFL: a minimum score of 90
    • IELTS (Academic or Indicator): a minimum score of 6.5
    • Pearson Test of English (Academic or Academic Online): a minimum score of 61
    • Duolinguo English Test: a minimum score of 115
  • Having registered to Renmin in September 2022 (see section How to Apply)

Selection Procedure

Candidates will be ranked based on their academic performance score, to be calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Registered ECTS credits: 20%. All credits eligible for graduation obtained and registered by the application deadline, without exceptions, will be considered.
  • Weighted GPA: 30%. Starting from the minimum valid grade (18/30)
  • English language: 20%. To be evaluated according to the CEFR standard. Only the certificates listed above (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo) will be considered.
  • Written test: 15%. The test shall contain questions on general knowledge about politics, culture and society of Europe, China and USA and International Business.
  • Selection Interview:10%. To be held in January 2023 (final details to be communicated).
  • Chinese language: 5%. To be evaluated according to 3 thresholds: A (A1 and A2), B (B1 and B2) and C (C1 and C2).


Pre-application to Renmin 23 September 2022
Final application opens 5 December 2022
Deadline to apply 21 December 2022
Selection interview and test Second half of January 202
Selection results Mid-February 2023
Confirmation of participation Within two working days

Program Rules

During the mobility, students will be subject to the rules of the partner universities.

Upon accepting the selection, students agree to commit to a study program of a length of four years and to not graduating at Luiss before the graduation sessions of the academic year 2025/2026.

Students will pay standard tuition fees to Luiss during the entire four-year period according to the rules of the university.

All expenses related to the participation in the program, notably transport to and from the host universities, accommodation and food, administrative expenses, costs associated with securing a visa, medical/health/accident insurance, books, application fees or deposits, and personal expenses, will be borne by students.

While every effort will be made to provide students with complete, accurate and timely information, Luiss reserves the right to change, amend, modify or revoke the aforementioned program. Luiss is not responsible for any cancellation or modification due to events beyond its control. If the program is cancelled or modified for these reasons, Luiss will inform all interested students in a timely manner.

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