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Strategic Plan

Forward-looking strategy


The future will be fuelled by changes produced at the intersection of knowledge, culture, responsibility, inclusion and passions.

The university is and will be one of the places geared towards change and experimentation with breakthroughs to build a sustainable future.


Luiss aspires to inspire profound changes in society by educating a new generation of successful students and graduates, involving rigorous researchers, hiring competent staff and establishing the participation of companies and institutions open to innovation.

Luiss invests in inclusion and mobility, collective leadership and responsibility with the aim of overcoming conventions, roles and purposes to transform borders into horizons.


Our essence: Responsibility Inclusiveness Sustainability

Our actions: Mobility Sharing Passion

Our imagination: Discontinuity Rapidity Community


Luiss University.
Open, Connected, Responsible.

The University's ambition is to become:

  • a Leading University in purposeful Social Science
  • the first Euro-Mediterranean educational hub

Sustainable change

Entrepreneurship as a state of mind

Agentivity orientation

Engaged research

Enquiry-based learning

Actionable inclusion

Strategic Trajectories

The innovation of the educational model guides the strategic trajectories

Luiss 2030

One of the 10 most influential INSTITUTIONS in Europe

Attenta alla diversità e alla inclusione

Attentive to diversity and inclusion

Fortemente interdisciplinare

Highly interdisciplinary

100% compliant agli SDGs

100% compliant with the SDGs

Centrale nel dibattito scientifico e pubblico

Central to the scientific and public debate

Strutturalmente “blended”

Structurally "blended"

DNA internazionale

International DNA

In grado di preparare leader rigorosi e cittadini del futuro

Able to prepare rigorous leaders and citizens of the future

Engaged “by design”

Engaged “by design”