Costs and registration procedures for 2021 

Summer School in-person for non-resident and home students.

As from this year, the participation fee will not be standard throughout all weeks and will vary according to the chosen time period and the availability of Luiss residences.

Participants attending the Summer School weeks (Orientation 3 and Orientation 4) running in June, the first week of July and the week overlapping August and September, will be charged full price. This is because during these periods, Luiss must resort to external structures and services for various activities to accommodate the needs of non-resident Luiss university students. Whereas participants attending the Summer School weeks starting the second week of July to the end of July, will benefit from a discounted rate.

The residential option includes meals and accommodation in double or triple rooms at Luiss residences, or in hotels with similar characteristics. Participants choosing the residential option will be charged a supplementary fee of 200 Euros to cover costs, regardless of the chosen time period and Summer School. 

Summer School on-line

Students facing difficulties travelling to Rome or who prefer to stay close to home, interested in participating in our Summer Schools will be offered the option to attend lessons remotely during designated weeks. Students can join live lessons and sit the scheduled tests from their PC at home. The online participation fee is the same as that for home students. The registration process follows a first come, first served basis.

There is no deadline and on reaching the maximum number of participants for each edition, registrations will close and students will only be able to sign up to the remaining courses that have spaces available.

Once registration is completed, applicants will have a 7-day window to pay the participation fee. In the event that the deadline is missed, the applicant can no longer be guaranteed their reserved space and it may be assigned to another applicant.