Students that pass the Ammissione anticipata | Luiss Summer Schools

Easier path to the admission in Luiss

Luiss Summer Schools allow students to begin a path of access in Luiss starting from the year before penultimate of high school.

For students at the high school year before the penultimate
Students that attend the Orientation 3, Writing or Basic Coding Summer School can take an attitudinal and academic knowledge test in Italian, that allows them to obtain up to 10 bonus points to be counted in the early admission test, that is to be taken during the Orientation 4, the following year.

Between 55 and 74 points (on a maximum of 100 points) 5 bonus points
Between 75 and 100 points (on a maximum of 100 points) 10 bonus points

For penultimate year students
Penultimate year students that attend the Orientation 4 can take the early admission test to Luiss degree courses. Students that pass the test can choose the degree program and enroll within autumn 2024.
It is possible to choose to take the admission test in Italian or English, regardless of the language chosen for the attendance to the Orientation 4 week.
The English test is identical in content to the Italian one.

  • Students that take the test in English, if they pass it, can choose to enroll themselves to any degree course in Luiss, whether in Italian or in English.

  • Students that pass the test in Italian, can choose to enroll themselves exclusively to Italian degree courses in Luiss.