Initiatives for students who will book the enrollment

Students who pass the test and enroll in Luiss in advance will have the opportunity to participate in an online training course with Luiss teachers during their fifth year of school. This program aims to provide a much more effective start to their first year of university, allowing them to earn 4 university credits in advance, thus shortening their academic path.

The program will be divided into two phases.

The first phase will take place during the Orientation 4 edition in 2023.

The second phase will be conducted during the 5th year without requiring physical presence in Rome.

  1. Introduction to Enquiry-Based Learning this module aims to develop skills related to critical thinking, teaching students how to recognize and evaluate sources of knowledge, formulate relevant questions, and provide rigorous answers.
  2. Laboratory "How to Build Effective Presentations this module aims to promote students' communication skills. It will explain the necessary methods and logic to synthesize a broad set of data and notions on a topic of interest. Furthermore, guidance will be provided on how to present effectively.
  3. University Lectures. This module presents students with examples of teaching activities they will undertake during their chosen university course. Students will collaboratively and interdisciplinarity solve cases and problems, following the active learning approach. Throughout the path, students will work on case studies provided by the instructors in autonomous groups, monitored by the instructors themselves. In the end, the case studies will be discussed in plenary, and the groups will present their work. Through this journey, students will improve and develop skills such as teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving, which will be very useful to them from the beginning of their university course.

We believe that this new program will further enhance the excellent results already observed in the academic careers of Luiss students who have previously attended our Summer School.