Enrollments and payments

Enrollment procedure

The student interested in attending Summer Schools must arrange to register on the Luiss website in advance, entering a few simple personal data. Later on, it will be possible to fill in the registration forum to Summer School 2024.

  • During the compilation of the registration forum, it is necessary to indicate the week, the typology and the chosen option. There is no deadline for the enrollment but, once the maximum number of participants per week has been reached, registration will be closed. During the enrollment, only available weeks will be selectable. It is fundamental the registration is made with the name of the student who wants to enroll (and not with parents’ name).

  • Payment of the participation fee within 7 days from the compilation of the forum. After this period, the seat booked and not paid yet is no longer guaranteed and can be assigned to another participant.

Changes regarding week-to-week transitions:

  1. Changes regarding week-to-week transitions are always permitted, subject to availability.
  2. If the applicant wishes to make such a change with notice of over 30 days before the originally scheduled week, no additional charge will be incurred.
  3. If the applicant proceeds with the change without adhering to the 30-day notice period, an administrative fee of 300 euros will apply for registrations to Orientation 4, and 200 euros for other cases.
  4. In cases where the transfer results in a transition to a week with a lower cost than originally planned, no additional payment will be required, and there will be no refund of the excess amount previously paid.

Refund conditions

50% of the registration fee will be refunded in case of written cancellation received by Luiss within 15 days from the beginning of the chosen week.