Project 9000

Penultimate year students that pass the final test of the Orientation 4 with an excellent score and achieve a deserving mark for their baccalaureate, can take advantage of 9000 Project, that includes the total exemption from the payment of the single contribution for the enrollment to the first year of one three-year or five-year Luiss degree course during the a.y. 2024/2025.

By being unlimited, grants are assigned to all students that obtain a score of 9000 or higher, calculated by multiplying the personal result of the Orientation Summer School admission test (expressed in hundredths) by the mark obtained during the baccalaureate exam.

Moreover, 9000 Project allows to extend the fees exemption to the following years’ tuition, provided that, by the end of the summer session each year, the student reaches the 70% of the CFU included within the course of study, with a grade point average of at least 27/30.”