Luiss Basic Coding
Summer School

2022 Course

The Basic Coding is a Summer School addressed to students from the first to the penultimate year of high school that allows them to get in touch with basic notions of coding.
With the Basic Coding Summer School students have the chance to approach the following areas:

  • Data, types di data, logic constructs typical of a programming language, Python-specific syntax.
  • Videogame development with the technologies learned during the course.
  • Practical teamworking experiences aimed at the software’s development.
  • Writing and application of a basic AI able to play the game developed during the week*

*The level of in-depth analysis will be influenced by the degree of participation of the students.
Moreover, at the end of the week it will be possible to take the conclusive test that starts the earlier admission path in Luiss, identical to the one of the Orientation 3 students.

Week scheme
The lessons’ timetable goes from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

  • Morning and afternoon: theoretical lessons, in-depth workshops and development of team projects.
  • Evening - students that choose the residential option (with accommodation) continue the day with leisure activities, staying at Luiss residences or affiliated structures.

Conclusive test and start of the Luiss admission path
At the end of the week, students at the high school year before the penultimate have the chance to take a conclusive test allowing them to start the admission path in Luiss. The psycho-attitudinal test also concerns academic knowledge and it allows students to obtain up to 10 bonus points that will be counted on the earlier admission test that is to be taken within the Orientation 4 the following year. 

Between 55 and 74 points (on a maximum of 100 points) 5 bonus points
Between 75 and 100 points (on a maximum of 100 points) 10 bonus points

Also, the Coding 42 Summer School grants the recognition of 40 hours for the PCTO (ex Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro) upon subscription of a dedicated convention with the student’s own school.


Students from the first to the penultimate year of high school


In presence




Optional: non-residential or residential (with accommodation)


Campus of Viale Romania, 32


See the timetable



Non residential


11th -15th of July € 1000 € 1200