Orientation 3
Summer School

2021 course

Orientation 3 is designed for students in their third-to-last year of high school who want to explore future degree programs in line with their abilities and interests. Participants attend lessons from the Luiss Departments of Law, Economics and Finance, Business and Management, and Political Science. During the afternoons, students experience practical workshops to focus deeper on the concepts learned during morning lessons. On Friday morning, students take a final test on the course’s themes; students who pass the test receive 5 bonus points towards the Luiss admission test, offered at the end of Orientation 4.

Orientation 3 also allows participants to earn 40 PCTO hours (formerly Alternanza Scuola Lavoro) if agreed upon with the student’s high school.

Orientation 3 is offered exclusively in Italian, while some weeks of Orientation 4 also offer courses in English.

Orientation 3 Summer School will take place on campus, with the 12 – 16 July session also held online.

Students also have the opportunity to stay in Luiss residence halls.
For those who choose other accommodations, Luiss expects students to be on campus from 9:00 am until the end of lessons around 5:30 pm. Students residing in Luiss residence halls will also have the opportunity to participate in leisure activities and entertainment programs following lessons..

All students must arrive at Luiss on Monday morning between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

Orientation 4 is held on the Luiss Viale Romania 32 campus in Rome.





14-18 June € 1200 € 1400
5-9 July € 1000 € 1200
12-16 July* € 1000 € 1200
30 August-3 September € 1200 € 1400

*in person or online